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Well, well, I’ve only gone and done it!

Done what? Got a job at a bonafide Savile Row tailoring firm, that’s what! I am now a full time Assistant Cutter, which is brilliant. The OED defines a Cutter as the “person in a tailoring establishment who takes measurements … Continue reading

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A year of becoming a tailor

A year ago I left my sensible full time job to embark on a new venture: training to be a bespoke tailor. Along the way I have enjoyed costume making, embroidery, beading, done work experience at some brilliant places (Savile … Continue reading

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Cotswold wool

Once upon a time there was a mill in Chipping Norton called Bliss Mill. The building is now swanky flats, but back in the day they wove lovely tweeds there. The only clue to this now sits in the entrance … Continue reading

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Everybody loves Linton

If you browse my project photos in my galleries, or on facebook, you may notice certain fabrics turning up regularly. There’s silk, and there’s wool in pretty shades, and then there’s Linton. Oh Linton; its just so lovely. I should … Continue reading

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Its no great secret that I’ve been fascinated by embroidery for a while now. I was quite keen on it as a little girl, and have the cross-stich samplers to prove it, but in the last few months I’ve started … Continue reading

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Woooo…2 blogs in 2 days! Here’s my tailoring news since May. First up: Work experience at Anderson and Sheppard. Working on the principle of ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ I wrote to a couple of the Savile Row tailoring houses to … Continue reading

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Oh dear…

…MAY was the last time I blogged. This is not a good state of affairs. So what’s been keeping me off the internet over the last few months? Well, it turns out that hours of bus commuting to college and … Continue reading

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Royal Opera House

Months ago I decided to be a bit cheeky and apply for some work experience at the Royal Opera House. I wasn’t sure what the chances of being allocated a placement were, afterall I’m not studying costume, but I figured … Continue reading

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Hand sewing, hand stitching, hand sewing

Oh dear, oh dear….I’ve been reprimanded by my younger sister for not posting on my blog regularly enough!  So here, my dears, is what I’ve been up to: Hand stitching, hand stitching, and then hand stitching some more. Oh, and … Continue reading

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Hartnell and Amies exhibition

When one thinks of Couture its generally Paris that springs to mind, not London, but for a few dacades in the first half of the Twentieth Century London came close to holding its own against those pesky Parisian fashion houses. … Continue reading

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