Chaps and Chapesses: lets smarten up our acts

Have you noticed David Beckham recently? I sort of hate myself for it, not really being a celebrity-culture kinda girl, but I’ve been loving his look of late.

Here he is at Wimbledon this year:

Well-fitting suit, nice subtle tie, neat pocket square. All in all: top marks, very nice,

Then here he is with the Olympic Torch :

Once again – neat pocket square, good suit, subtle tie. Understated, yes, and very elegant.

I’m just in love with the smart look. Really, isn’t it time we all stopped dressing like scruff bags, pulled up our socks and donned our best smart togs instead of keeping them for ‘best’? Banish the jeans to gardening duties and get maximum wear out of the good stuff!

See here: THIS is how one should dress for the office:

In the spirit of smartening up our acts, I feel that the pocket square is due a resurgence as every day wear – not just for weddings. They give a lovely flash of colour or brightness to an otherwise understated suit fabric. They can also work in a casual outfit (blatant excuse to post a picture of Eddie Redmayne, which my sister will love me for):

So, here are a few lovely pocket squares.

Silk pocket squares : clearly crucial for every gent!
100% silk in a range of vibrant colours

Go forth and sew your silks (or buy mine!) and resolve to be dapper chaps, one and all.

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