Costume for the Ballet

At the moment I’m learning to make tutus, so I’ve been researching ballet costume like mad. Its quite a specalist skill to make a dance costume, and there are lots of little tricks of the trade that are used to ensure that the costume allows the dancer to move as freely as possible while still looking beautiful on the stage.

Now, every girl loves a tutu don’t they? So I thought it was only fair to share some of the lovely things I’ve found in the course of my research.

First of all, here are a couple of video clips from the Royal Ballet costume department, showing the costumes for the Ballet Jewels, and looking at the plate tutu for the Lilac Fairy from The Sleeping Beauty…gorgeous!

I found it very interesting to hear about the costumes from the dancers’ perspective too, so this video from The Guardian newspaper was good watching:

Over the pond the New York City Ballet have their own costume shop, and this Youtube video about their work was fascinating to me – so interesting to learn how long a tutu lasts and how they age and fade, as well as seeing how they can be revived.

And just to get you in the mood, Swan Lake

The Dying Swan (costume designed by Karl Lagerfeld) performed in the Chanel salon.

Apollon Musagete – this clip is really more about Karl Lagerfeld/Chanel, as he designed these costumes for English National Ballet for the same season as the Dying Swan tutu was made.

Ahhh…lovely, lovely ballet.

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