Cotswold wool

Once upon a time there was a mill in Chipping Norton called Bliss Mill.

Bliss Mill

The building is now swanky flats, but back in the day they wove lovely tweeds there. The only clue to this now sits in the entrance hall:
2013-12-22 12.28.15

Early this year a lady brought a length of cloth from the mill to me. She’d been given it by her mother-in-law and it had been sitting around providing a tasty snack for the moths for years (it was a little bit of a challenge to cut round the nibbles!). I was pretty excited to get my hands on a little bit of local history.
2014-02-08 08.45.33-1

2014-02-08 08.46.02

Today I handed over an A line skirt, lined with silk from Gloucestershire. She seemed really pleased to finally have a garment in her cloth! I’ve often wondered what the cloth from Bliss Mill was like, so this was a fun project.

2014-02-08 10.26.50

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