Royal Opera House

Months ago I decided to be a bit cheeky and apply for some work experience at the Royal Opera House. I wasn’t sure what the chances of being allocated a placement were, afterall I’m not studying costume, but I figured nothing ventured, nothing gained and applied to them anyway. Amazingly, I was offered 2 weeks work experience in the Men’s Workrooms. I was excited, but as the date approached I got increasingly nervous. One doesn’t want to mess up at the ROH!

I felt like it was like my first day at school again as I packed my sewing kit, thimble, and travelcard and headed for the big smoke.

Well, I managed to get through the two weeks without messing up anything, even if I was WAY slower than the tailors who’ve been working there for years. I basted shorts for ballet boys, sewed linen shirts for the opera, helped out a little on a rush-job on two suits for an opera star, got to tour backstage, watch a Magic Flute opera rehearsal, and watch a Royal Ballet morning class (which made me the envy of my friends because Carlos Acosta was taking part).

Here are a few pictures….

Shorts for the ballet

Shorts for the ballet

2013-04-11 12.37.45

Trouser waistband – suit for the opera

2013-04-16 10.00.45

Linen shirt for the Opera

2013-04-16 11.55.46

Alice in Wonderland tutus stacked up to ship to Tokyo

2013-04-16 12.11.23

Sewing in the label on a linen shirt for the Opera

2013-04-18 15.50.46


2013-04-18 08.25.23

Tutus on display in the Women’s Work room


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