Well, hello! Thank you for landing here. This first blog post is to give you the background to my sewing venture and let you know a little about me.

So, I’m Anwen this sewing business of mine is called Whim Wham. The name was a nickname bestowed by my sisters in childhood, but I recently found out that the dictionary definition is “~ a fanciful object, bauble, or trinket”, which seemed to suit the approach I want to take in my designs.

I’ve been sewing and designing for years and years. Evidence of this can be found in notebooks and doodles going back longer than I care to remember! I’m always rediscovering sketches and magazine clippings I’ve squirreled away for future inspiration.

I studied fashion at London College of Fashion, and I also studied corsetry there. In 2012 I’m turning my attention to costume for theatre and dance. I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities to develop my skills – It keeps my ideas fresh and my sewing techniques up to scratch.

Wedding dress

Bridesmaid dresses

Earlier this year I made my own wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses, and then once the Wedding Craft Project (as we took to calling it) was complete I got on with launching Whim Wham.

So far I’ve sewn and sewn, and I’ve displayed at two Farmers’ Markets in Deddington, Oxfordshire. I’ve had some wonderful feedback on my current designs and I’m buzzing with ideas for more things to make – I hope my fingers can keep up!

Currently I have a small range of childrens’ dresses and soon I will start to make some coats for back-to-school time. Every item is a little different from the next. For adult clothing I have made some samples of jackets and dresses; I intend to make the majority of adult clothing to order rather than stocking items in varied sizes. I will be listing items for sale on Folksy.com shortly.

Now rather than write a hugely long post I will leave it at that. Check back for more news of sewing projects as I get even more into the swing of things. I have tweedy and silky orders to complete so there will be lots of pretty things to peruse in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for a range of velvet scarves in the autumn too – Yum!

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